I try to listen on podcasts regularly to get interesting information in a number of areas, including cloud and functional programming. In the cloud space, I have a few podcasts I think could be worth listening. My favourites are the podcasts that are not focused on a specific cloud provider: If a podcast focuses on a specific cloud provider, I prefer those that widen their scope and not just talk details about cloud provider services - there are other forms of communication that works better for that.

  • Screaming in the Cloud - podcast host Corey Quinn manages a fine balance of humour and insightful conversations with people in the area of cloud in general. Or sometimes not strictly cloud-related, but still very good.
  • Software Engineering Daily - this is an excellent software engineering podcast, which includes cloud-oriented episodes from time to time. Host Jeff Meyerson does a splendid job and is incredibly productive. I listen to a bunch of these podcasts.
  • Google Cloud Platform Podcast - Currently my favourite of the official cloud provider podcasts. A bit cheeky at times, but does a decent job of bringing in people that talk about their use of cloud, or simply talk about interesting areas in general.
  • AWS Morning Brief - Corey Quinn’s is kind of a short rapid-fire product update delivered with humour. One of the few podcasts that can deliver bearable cloud service updates through the podcast.
  • AWS Podcast - The official AWS podcast. They sometimes have some interesting interviews, which may include AWS services. That is mixed however with really dry product updates, which I think can be skipped.

I think Screaming in the Cloud and Software Engineering Daily are the primary ones I would recommend. Podcasts is an an excellent medium for more in-depth conversations in various areas and Corey Quinn and Jeff Meyerson are doing excellent work in this area.