F# for the Cloud Worker - Part 2 - AWS SDK for .NET

F# for the Cloud worker In part 1 we got our feets wet with some initial simple Hello Cloud scripts, using F#. This was then expanded to do actual connectivity to AWS and list S3 buckets in an AWS account. In this part, we will sidetrack a bit into the topic of developer workflow and then continue with more exploration of AWS services and get a bit more into F#, with scripts to retrieve server information.

F# for the Cloud Worker - Part 1 - Hello Cloud!

F# for the Cloud worker This is the first blog post in a series about using the programming language F# for Cloud oriented tasks. I am new to using F# in practice and these series of blog posts are essentially a documentation of my explorations of F# as a language for building various cloud solutions. This starts at the beginning of learning F#. F# is an open-source, cross-platform functional language.

Aws Certification Data Analytics Specialty

Certified Last Friday I passed the AWS Certification Data Analytics Specialty exam. This is both an old, and a new certification in the AWS space. Old because it partially replaced the old Big Data Specialty certification. New because it was fairly recently made available to be certified in. I had not done the old Big Data Specialty certification before, but what I have been told is that this new certification is quite similar to the old Big Data certification, but with less emphasis on Machine Learning (ML) topics.

Podcast Recommendations

I try to listen on podcasts regularly to get interesting information in a number of areas, including cloud and functional programming. In the cloud space, I have a few podcasts I think could be worth listening. My favourites are the podcasts that are not focused on a specific cloud provider: If a podcast focuses on a specific cloud provider, I prefer those that widen their scope and not just talk details about cloud provider services - there are other forms of communication that works better for that.